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Kuala Lumpar

Well we are taking a day to relax as we have been very busy in the last few days. After flying from Sarawak to Kuala Lumpar we have explored most of the city. Some of the most amazing sites were the Petronas Towers which are connected by a bridge on the 41st and 42nd floors. They were considered the tallest twin towers in the world from 1998 until 2004. We ate lunch in the Central Market and watched the people shopping on the streets. There was so much culture down there. You could really see the everyday things people do in the city. Next I am off to explore some places outside of the city. Check for a BLOG in a few days!!!!


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In the City of Kuching

Kuching is a nice city with a lovely waterfront, we took a sampan ride (it is a small boat and is propelled by a single scull over the stern and provided with a roofing of mats) across to Fort Margarita.


We went a visited the Sarawak museum, it was defiantly interesting the first floor of this natural history museum is has lots of stuffed and mounted trophy animals. The second floor is much more interesting, it has lots of indigenous artwork and a life size representation of an Iban longhouse. Here is a link to the museum if you are interested. http://www.museum.sarawak.gov.my/indexeng.htm


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We are in the City of Miri

I have seen that many malaysians greet each other with a soft handshake and then place their right hand over their heart after greeting you. I am not sure yet why they do this. But when i greet some one on the street I watch what they do and then follow.

We visited the Crocodile Farm it is located about 45 minutes outside the city. There are lots of different types of crocodiles on display. They also have some other animals such as snakes, birds and monkeys making it more like a mini zoo. I enjoyed the crocodiles but could have done with out the birds, since I am terrified of them.


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More Sabah

We have been traveling across Sabah for a week now. After visiting Mt Kinabalu Park we ventured south to the Gomantong Caves.

There are birds and bats everywhere and the locals go around collecting the bird nests to bring back to the village. They consider the birds’ nests a delicacy and usually make nest soup. Being daring I tried the soup and it actually wasn’t bad at all. It tastes like vanilla banana with stringy noodles. Mmmmm good!
Later that week we floated down the Sungai Kinabatangan River. Our guide pointed out some of the animals found in the area like Crocodiles, Orangutans, and Birds. It was a long journey but worth it. At our exit point on the river there were hammocks for us to sleep in for the night. All is well and I will BLOG again soon.




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Exploring Sabah

32 °C

Sabah is amazing! I have visited some crazy places while exploring the land. My first stop was to Turtle Island Park! I have never seen so many turtles in one place. They were all different sizes and two different species. They have a turtle hatchery set up for anyone who would like to see. I stayed over night on the beach to watch the turtles come out of the sea and lay their eggs. It was amazing to watch! I think the beers we were drinking helped a lot too! Here is a link to their main website if you are interested. http://www.malaysiasite.nl/turtle.htm
Next I ventured west to Mt Kinabalu National Park. Here I climbed to the top of the highest mountain in East Asia! The mountain reaches 13,435 FT with a snow capped top for part of the year. Talk about breathe taking, we watched the sunrise from above the clouds. It was a whole new high being up there. I am off to the South of Sabah now. I’ll BLOG again in a few days/weeks.


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