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Going Home ;-(

Tomorrow we are going home....really not looking forward to working again and going home to the cold. We were really quite enjoying ourselves down here with lots of relaxing, beaches and shopping. Earlier today we were looking at how much money we have and if we were to budget ourselves we could stay for another month, but unfortunately we got to go back to the grind.
Our flight coming home will take 2 hours and 16 minutes longer than it did flying outbound to Malaysia due to the tradewinds, as if it wasnt long enough coming here, ugh those 2 extra hours are going to drag.
Anywho, we are going to spend our last day spending the rest of our Malaysian dollars, experiencing and indulging ourselves in the finest ways of Malaysian culture. Mmmmm, oh how we love the non-alcoholuc fruit drinks down here...teehee ;-D

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Relaxing on the beach

Langkawi Island is beautiful! We went up the cable car on the Island and could see all the way around the island. We could see the eagle square below and decided to go eat lunch there afterward. In the afternoon we wandered the beaches and and swam in the ocean. The next day we went shopping all morning in the local market and individual stores. The area is so unique and we are going to miss it. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach again and eventually went back to our hotel to pack.


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-17 °C

It was soooooo hot today, but mmmm….if you like fruit, you will love it down here in Penang. They make some of the best fruit drinks with a little kick in the end. I had stopped in a local bakery to grab a quick drink, so I ordered a can of orange juice. After I downed my drink, I felt a little edgy and light headed and apparently so did the little kid beside me. Evidently another tourist had showed me the fine print on the can, which might I add is barely visible to the eye unless you are looking very hard at the can, but in some cans of what you might think is just juice, is actually spiked with alcohol. Apparently in Penang it is very common that alcoholic beverages are sold to minors, due to the fine print of alcohol on the can makes it very hard to determine if they are selling juice or alcoholic beverages.

Later on in the day we decided to head to the beach to cool off and relax, instead we met some local parasailing guides named Azwar and Tee-Tee. Below is a picture of them, they were the funniest guys around, really good sense of humors they have have down here. As a standard rule, it is respectful to dress more conservatively in public places, especially if you are visiting out of city centres.


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Today we rented mopeds in Penang and must I say, very bad idea. Very narrow roads and I swear there are no rules for driving down here. Crazy, crazy drivers. You know those lines in the middle of the road that separates the direction of vehicles…yah they ignore those, they pretty much drive where they feel like.
After our little adventure on the mopeds to tour the city of Georgetown, we stopped to have lunch at a local restaurant called Hawker food. This picture may not do justice, but this is called Laksa, thee best soup ever invented. Chicken, fish sauce and many other spices make this oh so mouth watering. Believe it or not, it tastes 1 million times better than it looks.

After lunch we went on a 20 minute cab ride to Batu Ferringhi (a very famous beach area lined with resorts, hotels and souvenir shops just on the northern coast of Penang). The beaches and scenery were so extravagant, I decided to relax, take in some hot rays of light and shop. There are so many souvenirs to choose from, but they sure sell alot of fans, necklaces, bags and little trinkets.

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Around Kuala Lumpar

The Blue Mosque in Malaysia was very impressive. It’s one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia. It is the symbol of supremacy of Islam and the Sovereignty of Muslims in Malaysia so it’s a very important place. Haha just a historical fact for you:D There are lots of other tourists in this area.
We met some guys who are going to Sabah and Sarawak in a few days. We went for some beers and swapped stories about what we have seen in Malaysia. The guys were telling us they had treked through the rainforest all day last week and were covered with leaches. The marks left behind were nasty. We also visited the Batu Caves and luckily they didn’t have bird nest soup(once was enough)! The caves were made of limestone and were made into temples along the river. We took a day off and went to the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. It wasn’t as great as Disney Worlds Typhoon lagoon but definitely better than West Edmonton malls Water Park. All is well, I’ll BLOG again soon.

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